About me

I’m a friendly person that enjoys learning new and interesting things.

I like to meet new people everyday and keep on growing through the learning that you gain by getting to know others, their needs, dreams and goals.

I also love to help the people that surrounds me, even though this is not always good, I almost trust then other person until they show me differently, in life you will suffer a lot with this way of thinking but that’s who I am and like this I’ve met a lot of great people on whom I count on at any moment.

Thank God I’ve always found ways to make money, by the way it’s becoming a magician’s trick to come up with basically any amount of money, I’ve had jobs that go from putting posters and painting signs on the streets to teaching English and designing websites and within that range many of them I did for years and many just for months, but in the end all of them have taught me a lot and surely in one way or another they have shaped the person I am now.

As a Christian I advice you to seek and find Jesus Christ because he is the way, he gave his life for you and me and he wasn’t even guilty of what he was being accused and punished and more importantly he came back to life to bring the grace and forgiveness of God to humankind.